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11 - 09 - 2009
Defkon S.A was proclaimed "Temporary Lowest Bidder" by the Municipality of Kalamaria of Thessaloniki , during the final bidding process that concluded on 7-7-2009 . Scope of works regards the statit reinforcement and aesthetic rehab of the old premises and facilities of ARISTOTELIS foundation , located in Kalamaria Thessaloniki .Total cost of works reaches € 4.300.000 (with VAT)


11 - 09 - 2009
A new contract with VINCI CGP S.A.S. ,an International construction firm , was signed on 22-5-2009. The new contract assignes to Defkon SA asphalt works along the Aegean Motorway ( Maliakos Kleidi ). Total cost of works reaches €828.092 plus VAT

17 - 01 - 2009
New project contract was assigned today by the Greek Ministry of Culture (secretary of athletics and sports) for the construction of gymnasium in the municipality of Assiros of Thesaloniki prefecture . The amount of the contract raises to €1.940.652 and is co-financed 60% by the ministry of Culture and? 40% by the municipality of Assiros. Schedule for completion extends to 18 months.

10 - 01 - 2009
Final approval was given to DEFKON SA by the European Cohesion Fund for the financing of a modernization investment plan . The plan involves the renovation of all electronic equipment (indoor and outdoor ) and the aquisition of new scientific software. Total investment raises to €50.000 and the own-funds participation reaches 50% of total sum.


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