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DEFKON T.S.A. (A.T.E.) was established in 1999 as a personal contracting firm owned by Orestis Ath. Mesochoritis, Civil Engineer, and its activity was construction of public and private works, mainly related to building and road construction.
In 2004 it was incorporated into a Technical S.A. company, with Mr. Mesochoritis acting as the BOD Chairman and CEO.
The company continues to this day its activities in the construction of public and private technical works, while having also expanded its portfolio into port construction, plumbing and other relevant infrastructure works.
DEFKON T.S.A. (A.T.E.) is registered in the official National Register of Contracting Companies of Greece (M.E.E.P.) with registration number 20589.
The technical and financial capacity of the company is reassessed every 3 years, and it is until today rated in the 3rd class of contracting businesses.

As of today , DEFCON S.A. has expanded its activities abroad and is active in the region of Middle East.


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